One thought on “Social Media Monster in court

  1. I have been reading through this story for half a a day! I can’t wait to see how your film handles this.

    But it’s impossible to dismiss the fact that lurking behind every case here is a “whisper campaign” being waged by police and FBI agents whose end goal is in fact to control our speech.

    The first amendment is under attack, BY police and others online, and while Berdyck does look like a jerk in the above video–it’s impossible to forget that it’s a kangaroo court whose function is “word policing.”

    While I find you quite interesting and very transparent-I would be curious to know if someone tapped your shoulder all those years ago and told you to “look out for this guy.”

    Lastly–and you may not know this–but one of the ways the FBI et al. are socially engineering our society–the whisper campaign and the idea that bad speech is dangerous speech–is wholly Masonic. Freemasonry 101. Equally, the push to un-name the man’s contributions is also Masonic.

    He could be the biggest A-hole on the planet, or he could be the product of social engineering–the question would seem to be which came first, the internet A-hole or the whisper campaign?

    And he did in fact reveal actual state crimes in VA, and other places–isn’t that worth noting in your film?

    Lastly–and you may not know this either–but your story is wholly crafted by the hidden hand. Is there anything you could possibly do to extend a hand to the guy, instead of another slap in the face?


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